Many Facebook users in Timor-Leste shared a short video that aired on the WCBN channel about the arrest of Harvard Scientist Charles Lieber.

They shared this video by writing the FBI had arrested the author who made the corona virus. This video has long been released by several news channels in the US but now it is very viral in Timor-Leste. Thus Timor-Leste Fact-Checker also made the decision to write a few paragraphs in Tetum with the title of this short video has no link with coronavirus.

False information about the spread of the Coronacirus Disease 2019 (CorVid-19) pandemic over the past few weeks is overwhelming. The sources of false information come from the government through the ministry of health itself and also from people who are not responsible.

After the Interim Health Minister of Timor-Leste, Elia Amaral announced about a positive foreign citizen who had a coronavirus in Timor-Leste on Saturday March 21, 2020 making many people panic about this situation, and even worse there are people who are not responsible for sharing a short video about a female patient that has also been infected with coronavirus, although this patient finally has long had asthma, not coronavirus.

Dili – Within a few days someone spread fake information through the Short Message Service and finally also appeared on Facebook Messenger and WhatApp about Corona Virus entered in Dili.

The contents of this text call attention to citizens that must be careful because this virus has entered Dili, and the patient that affected by this virus was conducting a medical consultations at the Formosa Clinic, Dili. The text also asks all residents not to go for health consultations at the Formosa Clinic, and it is better to go to another clinic.

On Wednesday 12 February 2020 a very viral video appeared on social media platforms. This short video is about a Chinese citizen suspected of having a coronavirus and suddenly fell in Timor Plaza. This situation caused many people to run away and immediately buy masks to cover their noses at that time.

Many people in the world including in Timor-Leste are now panicking with Corona Virus. Although this virus appeared in Wuhan, China, it made many people feel very worried. In Timor-Leste, although the virus has not yet been detected by the government, the government has begun to intervene by placing medical personnel at international airports, land borders to check Chinese citizens and East Timorese citizens who return from China.

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