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Images of Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão Featured

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For several years Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão's photos appeared and went viral on the internet. People on the Internet, especially those who use social media always find this photo on social media, but almost many do not have clear information about the origin of these photos appeared or published where? What year was it published?

Fact-Check Result

• Timor-Leste’s Fact-Checker has several answers to the questions above. These photos first appeared on blogspot  on January 20, 2015.
• Timor-Leste’s Fact-Checker also cannot claim that these three photos are authentic or fake but only explain the initial process of the appearance of these photos on the internet.

According to Manus Leaks that before they published these photos on 8 January 2015 Australian photographer Ted McDonnell had already published two photos on his website but now these photos are no longer on his website.

These three photos not only appeared on Ted McDonnell's website but also appeared at  which republished this photo on June 4, 2018 with news of comparison between United States President Donald Trump and Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão. These photos also appear on the Oecusse Republic Fan Page, and POST TIME INFO.

Ted McDonnell Vs Reflesaun Blogspot

Contradictory information emerged between Manus Leaks and Ted McDonnell about these photos. Ted claimed that this photo was original and was taken at a hotel in Bali, Indonesia but other information from Reflesaun blogspot that this photo was taken at Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.


Once again, Timor-Leste's Fact-Checker also does not yet have sufficient ability to detect whether this photo is genuine or fake, but only shows how the photo process appears from which channel and appears in what year.


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